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Topic: Approve or reject my final decisions about this program  (Read 8558 times)

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Approve or reject my final decisions about this program
« on: December 10, 2004, 12:55:56 PM »

The current idea is as follow.

First, to begin a VIRTUAL center where interested people can affiliate and read articles in this new science.

The physical address of the center could be chosen in other country different of Spain in a future or we could use a model of decentralized direction where members working in their respective countries could follow the status of the center, vote for some questions and revise new material and publish their own material in canonical science without a permanent physical center. This idea is inspired in the celebrated Santa Fe Institute metabolism. Please see their website.

The center does not follow the usual scientific model of peer-reviewed material. The center will apply some of the most modern models of publication to guarantee a broad dissemination of research and educative material. High-level status of reviewed material is not guaranteed by usual peer-review policies. In fact, the center will show examples of completely wrong articles that are published in the most acclaimed journals as if were correct ones and examples of works (after awarded with Nobel prizes) that were rejected for publication. The center is developing a method for a permanent universal review of scientific and educative canonical material.

Instead of online purchase of punctual research material, the center will offer an annual subscription model to all material at low cost. At least, the half part of all material would be free-accessed by all people without additional cost (except, of course, the necessary internet connection to our canonical web site). If the center achieves external funding for both their research and educative activities then more material could be accessed free of charge. This would facilitate the access to advanced scientific knowledge to people with small facilities.

One of the objectives of the center is convert itself in the biggest scientific organization of the world, actually it is the ACS with near 160000 affiliates.

Activities in conflict with actual ultra restrictive Spanish legislation will move to countries where legislation is normal and intelligent.

Initially would to have two types of members (I wait for your approval):

Full member. One can vote for certain activities of the center, review material before publication, read articles, and publish own material on canonical science (once people understand canonical science, would write articles in this new science).
Standard member. Can read articles and receive news.

Now material is being prepared as pdf articles, but in a future, material would be available in a non-conventional XML format focused to so-called “semantic web”.
The first canonical scientist.

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