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--- Quote from: Jopster7 on January 02, 2005, 08:08:33 AM ---just wanted to add, covalent bonds are stronger than ionic bonds and both are stronger than intermolecular bonds.

--- End quote ---

That's not a true statement by any means. Firstly what do you mean by stronger? Stronger by homolytic bond clevage or heterolytic clevage?

Are network covalent bonding stronger than ionic bonding? (covalent network crystals have a higher melting point than ionic crrystals...)

I suppose network covalent bonds are stronger generally. Diamond is the ultimate example.
I think covalent bonds are of comparable strength to ionic bonds in general. Part of the difficulty is that most bonds are a mixture of character.
 There are cases where one type is stronger than the other. It depends on the specific material and the specific measurement for determining or defining "strength".

777888: network covalent bonds and ionic bonds are both intramolecular forces?

no, but they might have intermolecular forces. Lol, is that confusing enough?


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