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Topic: Some chemical engineering informations  (Read 6329 times)

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Some chemical engineering informations
« on: August 02, 2007, 12:49:40 AM »
I am an organic chemist and have been involved in organic synthesis and process development work for past seven years. Technology transfer from lab to plant scale is a part of my job profile. For this job I need to have some chemical engineering back ground which I don't have.
I want that somebody suggest me some suitable site where I can get some useful information. I don't want all those lengthy equations which are given in most of the engineering books. I have tried to refer to them but failed.
I want some simple information which I regularly need. Some of them I am pointing out bellow.

1- Type of reactors used in chemical industries and their features.
2- Type of impellers used.
3- Some important aspects of fractional distillations.
4- Some important aspects of filtration and various equipments used  for this.
5- Deciding material of constructions (MOC) for various uses.
6- Designing the process etc.

Please suggest me some  reference for this which is suitable from point of view of an organic chemist.

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Re: Some chemical engineering informations
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2007, 09:34:49 AM »


For an organic chemist, you are not being specific.  You state you “need to have some chemical engineering back ground which I don't have” but yet don’t identify what that background is specifically.  Is it the inability to know what is inside a distillation tower?  Is it a lack of knowledge in how a batch reactor is designed and operated?

If you could list out those items that you believe would strengthen your background and give you some added, worthwhile capability we might recommend more specific sources.

You don’t like equations (like most of us), but yet equations are what relates and explains how each of the above pieces of equipment work (or should work) and operate – and why.  The basis of a fractionation column is simultaneous heat and mass transfer, and trying to understand those mechanisms without the use of “equations” is like trying to understand how a car works without opening up the hood.  Nevertheless, you might get some helpful information on equipment functions and operations from:

1. Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants – three volumes; Ernest E. Ludwig; Gulf Publishing; Library of Congress Catalog Card number 64-18181;
2. Chemical Engineering Handbook; Perry & et al; McGraw-Hill;

I’m afraid I don’t know of any Internet website that will offer any specific details on what I think you are seeking.  The sole website that I have found that helps out on the academic basics is Randel M. Price’s lecture notes that are available at:  http://www.cbu.edu/~rprice/lectures/

I think you’ll find Prof. Price’s lecture’s – while very good and detailed – are very academic in nature and don’t give you any “hand’s on” information.  For more down-to-earth reality and actual field information, Ludwig’s books are more revealing.

Perhaps if you attack each of the specific items that you are interested in and request specific information on these one at a time, we can offer some explanations or sources of further help.

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Re: Some chemical engineering informations
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2007, 06:25:20 AM »
Dear Organoman
I am also working for tech transfer & is a chemical engineer by background with 13 yrs of Exp.

Join me on my blog & we can discuss these issues as & when U require.

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