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Topic: CD and ORD measurement of inorganic compounds  (Read 4270 times)

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CD and ORD measurement of inorganic compounds
« on: August 15, 2007, 11:00:45 AM »
Good day.

I am facing some difficulties in the understanding some of the rules such as sector and quadrant rules besides the original octant rule to correlate the stereochemistry with optical activity and is wondering which one is suitable to be applied in predicting the absolute configuration of metal complexes containing optically active chelating ligands. Could someone please try to explain about this?

Besides, I am confused with the positive and negative signs when trying to apply the octant rule in some organic compounds containing chromophoric imine bond (C=N), is the way in positioning the signs same with the analysis of a carbonyl group or the double bond of an alkene?

Many thanks.

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