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Topic: Love chemistry, currently a high school senior, now what?  (Read 2205 times)

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Love chemistry, currently a high school senior, now what?
« on: September 06, 2007, 06:59:58 PM »
Not exactly sure if this is the right forum, if not please feel free to move it.

anyways I'm 18, live in the US (Ohio), and took chemistry as a junior in highschool.
This year I'm a senior and am taking Organic chemistry and Physics as my two elected science classes, I'm not saying my grades were ever the best in these classes, but chemistry is something that I love.  Figuring that Math is not one of my stronger subjects, and not getting to take any kind of pre-calc in high school, is any career in chemistry right for me?  As of lately I've been looking at some career possibilities in the pharmaceutical industry, But aside from this, considering that many of the colleges around here have a very competative program, I was wondering What other careers are realistic for me, given that I would take the necessary classes for a given college's pharmaceutical program, and should not be accepted, or decide this is not the path for me? preferably ones that can keep me close to this field I have grown fond of.

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