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Topic: 2-amino-oxazole cas 4570-45-0 new product in store  (Read 4388 times)

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2-amino-oxazole cas 4570-45-0 new product in store
« on: September 23, 2007, 04:56:27 AM »
2-amino-oxazole cas 4570-45-0 new product  in store,plz contact me,MSN:lp-chem@hotmail.com

Shanghai Lp-chem Tech. Co.,Ltd. is located at Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley in Shanghai. Lp-chem is a professional organic custom synthesis outsourcing provider. We have broad experience in the synthesis of potential drugs at the stage of phase trial and their intermediates. Currently, Lp-chem synthesizes potential APIs and intermediates on kilo to small ton scale. Our company does the R&D at research center in Shanghai and we have a joint lab in the East China University of Technology  too, and we makes production at a non-GMP plant and an associated GMP plant. More than 80% of our business comes from our foreign customers.
We have recently developed a batch of boric acid products, include of phenylboronic acid , pyrimidine boronic acid, naphthalene boronic acid ,such as
Cyclopropylboronic acid 411235-57-9
Cyclohexylboronic acid 4441-56-9
4-formylphenylboric acid 87199-17-5
3-cyanophenylboronic acid 150225-96-2
4-hydroxyphenylboronic acid  71597-85-8
4-Cyanophenylboronic acid 126747-14-6
4-(benzyloxy)phenylboronic acid 126747-14-6
4-(benzyloxy)phenylboronic acid 146631-00-7
2-naphthaleneboronic acid 32316-92-0
2-Pyridinyl-boronic acid 197958-29-5
3-Pyridinyl-boronic acid 1692-25-7
4-Pyridineboronic acid 374538-04-2
5-fluoro-3-pyridylboronic acid 872041-86-6
(All of the products above are in store. More boric acid products, plz interview our web www.lp-chem.com)
We also provide custom synthesis services and has successfully completed a number of customer orders abroad, such as
4H-Imidazo[1,5,4-de]quinoxaline, 5,6-dihydro (16242-46-9)
2-fluoro-6-methoxy Naphthalene(13101-89-8)
4-Thiazoleacetic acid, 2-chloro-, ethyl ester((464185-24-8)
1H-Inden-1-one, 2,3-dihydro-6,7-dihydroxy-4-nitro(148050-55-9)
1H-Indole-6-acetic acid(39689-58-2)
4H-Pyrano[3,2-b]pyridin-4-one, 2,3-dihydro(405174-48-3)
Most of our products we have the samples
If you are interested, please contact us, we will give you the products at very competitive price!
Web: www.lp-chem.com
My MSN: lp-chem@hotmail.com
Thank you!

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