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Topic: Evaporating Non-Oxidizing Ferrofluid Component?  (Read 5538 times)

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Evaporating Non-Oxidizing Ferrofluid Component?
« on: October 24, 2007, 05:48:07 PM »
I am attempting to conduct some of my own research based on magnetorheologicial fluids. (For those that don't know, MR Fluids are basically very small iron filings - about 200 micrometers - mixed into a suspension along with mineral oil or another hydrocarbon oil.

I want a way to dilute this fluid without the use of a fluid that will oxidize the iron. Also, the fluid should evaporate by itself RELATIVELY quickly, and not have a density that differs too much from mineral oil.

Examples of liquids that WOULDN'T work would be water or ethanol, because even though they both evaporate, they both oxidize the iron - which is something I don't want.

If anybody could help me out, or even point me in the right direction, I'd immensely appreciate it.

Thank you.

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