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Topic: Potential & Nernst Equation  (Read 4854 times)

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Potential & Nernst Equation
« on: November 14, 2007, 02:30:29 AM »
Consider a simple metal ion, Mn+, such that Mn+ + e <---> M(n-1)+ at EoM . The complexation of Mn+ and M(n-1)+ with x ligands, L, have the following formation constants: Mn+ + x L  <---> MLn+x for betax;n
andM(n-1)+ +x L <---> ML(n-1)+x for betax;n-1. The standard potential for the resulting complex, EoM L , applies to MLn+ x + e <---> ML(n-1)+x .
The relative magnitude of the formation constants determine whether EoM or
EoM L is greater and whether the complexed species is easier or harder to reduce than the free metal ion.

(a) Find the potential and write the Nernst equation for FeLn+x + Fe2+<--> FeL(n-1)+x + Fe3+.

this problem is so confusing , i just dont know even what to do ???

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