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Topic: What should I recommend him?  (Read 3671 times)

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What should I recommend him?
« on: December 05, 2007, 08:24:49 PM »
A company developed a dried solid food stuff containing copper and high fibre. The targeted copper content of the food stuff was 280 mg/100 g. A sample of the developed food stuff was sent to a chemist for the confirmation of copper content in the product.

The chemist heated 20 g of the above sample with 10 mL of concentrated nitric acid in a conical flask, The fibre was unable to be dissolved completely in the acid solution after heating for one hour. The situation was not much improved despite further addition of 10 mL concentrated hydrochloric acid. Nevertheless, he filtered the acid solution into a 50 mL volumetric flask and discarded the undissolved fibre. He then diluted the solution to the calibration mark with deionised water for the analysis of copper content.

He hesitated in the choice of analytical methods for analyzing copper content.

Is it feasible for him to proceed with the analysis using the prepared solution? If it is yes, explain in what way the sample pretreatment is appropriate. If it is no, explain what have gone wrong with the pretreatment steps and help me recommend a possible solution.

Recommend me two analytical methods, one must be an instrumental method, to analyse the copper content in this newly developed food stuff and the other a classical method.

For the instrumental method, what are the operating conditions of the instrument?

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