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Topic: Analysing metallic salt in golf ball  (Read 8418 times)

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Analysing metallic salt in golf ball
« on: February 13, 2008, 02:53:20 AM »
I am doing a final year project on analysing the zinc(or other metal) acrylate in the core of golf ball. I am supposed to find out the concentration of zinc acrylate in the polybutadiene core. My prof thinks that it affects the cross-linking and thus the compression in the core, he thinks that the usual driving range balls do not contain zinc acrylate. I had tried using FTIR to analyse the solid core sample. No distinctive peak was found. After that, I realised the polymer blend may overlap with each other. I am supposed to separate the fillers from the acrylate, cos the fillers might contain the same metal, thus the separation is important in obtaining an accurate result. And, btw does any1 know where I can get the journal, Sung Joon Oh and Jack L. Koenig, "Studies of peroxide curing of polybutadiene/zinc diacrylate blends by fast FT-IR imaging", Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 73(1), 74-79 (2000)?


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Re: Analysing metallic salt in golf ball
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2008, 11:59:54 PM »
Zinc Acrylayte in golf balls can be analyzed by XRF (X-ray flourescence)  in fact it was part of the testing for the US Patent 7153223 for Golf Balls.


For application notes see the following websites:


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