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Cosmetics making classes
« on: March 02, 2005, 04:36:13 AM »



for self-employment and home based business development






Start your own home based business without heavy investments and with minimum infrastructure. You can either start a full-fledged home based industry or use this knowledge to generate extra income. Also housewives can equip themselves with a very powerful knowledge base and smartly manage their domestic budgets.  



*Detergents: 4 types of Detergent powders – low grade, medium grade, high grade, supreme grade, Detergent Bar.


Phenyl & Disinfectants: Brown, Black, Milky, essence phenyl, mosquito repellent phenyl, Antiseptic Compound



Agarbatti: Masala , Dummy, Mosquito repellent (coil), recharge deep sugandh


Repellents: Mosquito repellent Mat recharges (liquid), Mosquito spray, Mosquito repellent (coil), Mosquito repellent Phenyl, Fly paper


Freshners: *car fresheners , Room fresheners spray, recharge deep sugandh, Fridge odor removing cake


*Cleaners:  Floor Wash, Glass Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Concentrate Thickened  Hydrocloric  Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner , Thickened Bathroom Cleaner With Hypochlorite Bleach (Mildew Remover, Low Foam) , Heavy Duty Acid Bathroom Cleaner , Frictionless (Touchless) Car Wash , Multipurpose Clean Thickened Mild Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner


 Liquid detergents:


Different types of liquid detergents – hand wash, utensils, fabric wash, gentle fabric wash, car wash liquid , Neutral  Detergent / Softner , High Foaming Detergent/Softener, Clear Detergent/Softener , Laundry Prespotter



*Dish washers: Dish wash paste, powder and cake, branded powder


*Whiteners / treatments: Different Type Of Liquid blue, Liquid bleach, stain remover, Synthetic Ready to use Fabric starch, Cloth Wrinkle Reducing Spray , Rust Remover.


Polishes: Metal polish (for Bronze Metal), branded powder, cream shoe polish, liquid shoe polish, car polish, Transport Vehicle Brightener.



Colorants & Spray perfumes: Different types of spray perfumes (synthetic and herbal mixing), chlorophyll (extraction of natural green color).


Miscellaneous: Turkey red oil (TRO), Touline sulphonate.


* All items marked in * are near match in quality with the branded products available commercially and very steeply priced.  These products can be very easily made at home without heavy investments and infrastructure and at approximately 1/4th – ½ the price of the commercially available products.







 We also conduct cosmetic making classes


Shampoos:  Thick cream shampoo, pearly shampoo, liquid shampoo, egg shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, herbal shampoo, shampoo for dry and damaged hair, shampoo for oily hair ,   Anti-Dandruff Shampoo , Nourishing & Conditioning Hair Sha Crystal Conditioning Shampoo , Daily Conditioning Shampoo , Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair , Hair Rinse Conditioner with Aloe Vera & Wheat Protein , Pearlizing & Nourishing Hair Conditioner , Protein Conditioner for Damaged Hair.



Creams:  Basic creams - cold cream, hand & body lotion, moisturizing cream Advanced creams – herbal cream, cold cream, nourishing cream, hand & body lotion, hormones cream, vanishing cream, sun-tan cream, vitamin C cream and Vitamin E Cream, different types of aroma creams, skin Food cream Make Up Removal Lotion , Make-Up Remover Lotion , Cleansing Water ,Anti Acne Facial Wash Cream 1 , Moisture Barrier Cream , Light-As-Air Facial Moisturizer , Body Cream with Shea butter & Rose Geranium Essential Oil ,  Hand Cream with Natural Jojoba & Provitamin B5 , Moisturizing Face Cream with Aloe Vera & Ceramide , Peppermint Foot Cream with Zinc Oxide , Vitamin Cream for Blemished Skin , Anti-Aging Cream with Coenzyme Q10 & Lacto-Ceramide , Night Cream with Jojoba & Wheat Protein for Dry Skin , Body Butter with Almond Oil for Normal to Dry Skin .



Face powder and Compacts: Plain talc powder, fragrant talc, Peru balsam, prickly heat, medicated powders, face powder, cake powder, blusher.


Eye Makeup: Eye shadows, Mascara, eye liner, Kajal, surma.


Lip makeup: Lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, all natural lipstic.



Bathing Products :  Bath bomb, fizz bomb, bathing salt, bath oil, body pack, body scrub, body polishing salt.



Face packs: Synthetic pack, peel of masks, herbal packs, glow pack, face scrub, aroma masks, fairness packs, pimple treatment pack, paraffin wax, thermo herb pack, thermo herb aroma pack.


Herbal Oils: Herbal hair oil, aroma hair oil, anti-dandruff oil, anti-lice oil, Hair growth oil, body massage oil, pain relief oil, stress relief oil, memory improving oil, fat reducing oil, calming oil.



Hair treatments:  Different types of hair packs, anti-lice oil, anti-dandruff oil, herbal mehendi, hair tonic, hair wash.





Balms & Gels:  Lip balm, hair gel, petroleum jelly, cuticle cream, hand balm, facial cream, manicure / pedicure lotion , Strong Strengthening Styling Gel ,Conditioning Hair Gel, Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Gel , Thermal Protectant Sculpting Gel , Clear Firming Facial gel , Economy Styling Gel.



Facial& Body Wash : Anti-Acne Facial Wash Cream , Clear Liquid Body Wash, Facial Foam , Clear Shower and Bath Gel , Liquid Pearlescing Body Wash, Facial Wash , Shaving Foam , Facial Cleanser , Mild Pearlizing Shower Gel.


Spray :  Aerosol Hair Spray .


Hand Wash Liquid Soap : Liquid Hand Soap , Coconut-Oleic Liquid Hand Soap .



Sunscreen Lotion (o/w type) with Aloe Vera & Vitamins (SPF 12-19) .


Water-Resistant Sunscreen Cream (w/o type) with Allantoin & Vitamins (SPF 25-32).

Sprayable Sunscreen Lotion (o/w type) for Pump-Spray Bottles (SPF 12-19).


Self-Tanning Cream (o/w type) with Sun Protection (SPF 6-11).


SPF 30 Physical Sunblock Cream .







Also available online formulas step by step procedure easy to make at home



We are conducting classes also





 India                                          Per formula fees 1000 Rs    



Out of India                               45$   per formula




Any full course like shampoo, Detergent powders, Colorants & Spray perfumes etc …….. Rs  2500  INR






32 veena dalwai, industrial estate,S.V Road,opp oshiwara post off,jogeshwari west,mumbai 400102


Telephone 9870211067 26783310




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