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Topic: Does anyone know the Maximum dissolution rates of various steroids  (Read 2879 times)

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Hi there, due to an argument with a freind I find myself in need of information regarding how much of a given steroid can be MAXIMALLY dissolved into a given solution based on a MAXIMUM of 1 ML of solvent/oil (and to be even more awkward could someone state which compound/s comprise the solvent/depot ie: oil and Benzyl ALcohol/Benzyl Benzoate etc?)

I suppose I need information regarding the particle co-efficients of different testosterone and the various attached esters or suchlike?

Is there a list/index available which breaks the info down along lines similar to the following example:

1ML of solvent (ie:comprised of oil and BA/BB) will allow for [AT MOST] the dissolution of 'x' mg of Testosterone Enanthate?

I am looking for figures regarding primarily testosterone esters but also would be gratefull for info on any steroid types

If anyone has some links (however technical) for me to follow wherein I could fine the relevant reading material I would be gratefull

Thanks for your time
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