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Synthesis using enols and ketones

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I need help with this synthesis problem.  I can kind of see how the parts work, but im not sure how to put them all together.  The resitrcitions are in the picture below.  I see why the enol is prefered over the ketone, i see that part of it can be made by a claisen condesation of the two esters...i am just not sure how to put this all together.  any help would be apperciated.

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I'll give you some hints.  The intermediate is an acyl chloride CH3COCl.  Why?  Well as you may see the reaction consist of three molecules.  The left end terminal carbonyl as is evident has been through a nucleophilic addition and then eliminatino of the hydroxyl to form the alkene by the claisen condensation through CH3COCl.  However, we see that the carbonyl group belonging to the latter molecule has kept its carbonyl character meaning that it has gone through an sequential addition-elimination reaction, where the nucleophile was is the molecule motif at the right terminal; Cl is the leaving group.

Can someone clarify what was just said.  It kind of confused me.

Do you understand there is more carbons in the products than in the reactants?

yeah, it looks to me as if there are to equivs of the ester and one equic of the pyridine carboxylic acid.


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