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Thermochemistry Help-urgent


mad persied:
My class did a thermochemistry lab, and i have to solve for an unknown, but i cant get a right answer. we took 35.312 g of iron washers, and heated them to an unknown ammount of degrees. next, we placed the washers in 200ml of water at 18.5 degrees. the final temp for both was 34 degrees. the question is what is the origional (heated) temp of the washers. my group and i have gotten many results, from -730 to 831, and everywhere in between. what is wrong with it.

my calculations involve the equation c (specific heat)*mass*temp change=c (specific heat)*mass*temp change, but i always end up with inordinantly large numbers. what is the true answer?

I know generally you like having work submitted, but i have at least 5 methods i tried, all of which gave different numbers, and due to the late hour i would propably pass out half way through typing them in.

chris c
If you know, e-mail me at

What's the specific heat of iron?

The answers "-730, 831" are so wrong, I won't even bother explaining what went wrong.


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