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Topic: O-dihydrocinnamoyl-N-hydroxysuccinimide how can I get it  (Read 5025 times)

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O-dihydrocinnamoyl-N-hydroxysuccinimide how can I get it
« on: April 06, 2008, 03:11:49 PM »
I want to know if anyone knows of O-dihydrocinnamoyl-N-hydroxysuccinimide and if it is commercially available or how to make it relatively quickly and easily.  It has been recommended to me as a acylating agent but I can't seem to find it anywhere. >:(  I am a grad student that works in a molecular biology lab but I have to do some chemistry for my dissertation work and I don't have a lot of equipment available in my lab and would rather purchase this if possible.  Thanks for any help.
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Re: O-dihydrocinnamoyl-N-hydroxysuccinimide how can I get it
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2008, 11:12:35 AM »
This is aka "Hydrocinnamic Acid N-Hydroxysuccinimide Ester", try searching for that instead.

You can probably just make it by activating hydrocinnamic acid (eg make the acyl chloride etc) and then react with N-hydroxysuccinimide. Or throw in a coupling agent like DCC in with the acid and hydroxysuccinimide.
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