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Chemical element cards - master


Does anyone have a master of cards for chemical elements, to be used with Junior chem students, to illustrate the arrangement of the Periodic Table, as developed by Mendeleev?  Not too much on each card, but name, symbol, atomic number, # shells perhaps.  I would like to show students, with real cards I could make, and an overhead with cut out overhead "cards" to arrange, according to the period and group.  Even a master for the card size, to be run off on card stock, would be great.  I can do this by hand, or maybe excel, but don't want to "reinvent the wheel" unless necessary .
(and I have checked on the internet for chemical elements + cards, no luck so far)

Any ideas?  From a first-time poster in B.C., Canada

The closest thing I've heard of is this https://elgar.mywebserver.net/~webelem/shop/product.php/7/1//52769ac17c8c0cc622a20ed35258cf6b

But, I would go ahead and reinvent the wheel. ;)

Donaldson Tan:
chemistry trump cards? LOL.. They remind me of "Magic the Gathering".


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