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Topic: Molar enthalpy of solution  (Read 12425 times)

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Molar enthalpy of solution
« on: June 01, 2008, 09:59:09 AM »
Hi guys,
I hav a few questions here:

-What factors determine the magnitude of the molar enthalpy of solution of an ionic and non-ionic solid?
-Would u place boric acid in the ionic category or the non-ionic category
-What effects does water of crystallisation have on the magnitude of the molar enthalpy of solution

For the first question, i think is the concentration of the ionic and non-ionic solid and the temperature determines the magnitude of molar enthalpy of solution, is that right ?
Second question, i think boric acid is ionic because it can dissolves in water at high temperature although it is not very soluble in water at room temperature
last question , is that  water of crystallisation  [decreases ]  the molar enthalpy of solution ?

I am not sure whether i hav these 3 questions answer correctly, if u hav any idea about this question, pls help me, thank you !

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