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Topic: sulfolane and cattails  (Read 5085 times)

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sulfolane and cattails
« on: June 23, 2008, 05:12:24 AM »
I'm wanting to recreate this experiment

Finding sulfolane in reasonable amounts is quite a task indeed.Plenty of wholesalers selling 25 kilo blocks but im looking for a more reasonable amount.

Is there a way to synthesize it or a source thats good for tracking this type of stuff down.Im still at the stage where I feel i'm learning new things so don't exclude obvious sources you think I should already know.

I would possibly consider a chemical exchange program of sorts but I wanted to get some peer feedback before going that route.Sulfolane can be distilled but can oxidize with time and with certain reactions.Would the oxidized version if thats what I receive be in some way detrimental to this particular experiment.

Im not really wanting to purchase an article for sulfolane synthesis as this is a non-refundable school project unless I know the routes to synthesis are possible in a conventional laboratory.

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