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synthesis of reserpine

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Help me to complete the scheme

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This problem was solved in 1956 (as far as i remeber the exact year) by RB Woodward (synthesis of RESERPINE)


do you help me to post the solution of
synthesis or the Web of synthesis of RESERPINE
Thank You

See source material in: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 78, 2023-5 (1956) or just abstract in Chemical abstract 50, 13967b (1957)

You should know what the first is an oxidizing agent and apparently it has oxidized two localities according to the product formula.  

The second agent HIO4 is often used to oxidized diols, specifically alpha diols, cleave the carbon bond between the diol and oxidize each of these counterparts to the carboxylic acid.

CH2N2, is frequently used to create methyl esters from carboxlic acids...

I'll attempt the problem myself in detail later if I have the time.


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