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I just changed the counter on the humor, the SPAM and the citizen chemist forums.  Now posts there don't count toward your total.  This keeps down the number of conversation posts, and posts for useless crap like spam.

What us meant by changing count towards total for Citizen Scientist (chemist)? It sounds like your are treating Citizen Scientist as second class participants.

Nothing wrong with that, it's just that we get some conversation that is more of a ramble than anything and doesn't really reflect the number of posts.  We could create a separate forum for these and leave the Citizen Chemist untouched.  We're just working with that for the moment, and will mostl likely be changing things soon.  Might be moving a lot of threads soon anyhow.  We're not trying to slight the Citizen Chemists at all.  Thanks for your response.

All forums now contribute 0 to the post counts. This hopefully will stop the incentive to have useless babble. We'll be phasing out post counts in the next couple of days, as I figure out how to do it, and phase in Karma. Karma is given by fellow members when he or she answers a question well or helps out or for whatever reason a fellow member on the board decides. Hopefully this will encourage "good" posts in order to receive Karma from fellow members who also have the power to take Karma points away for bad posts. The abillity to assign Karma starts when a user gets a minimum of at least 10 posts.

Hope this method works out better.


Don't you think people just won’t bother to applaud/smite half the time?


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