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Topic: prepare a car for researches tours .. plz help me  (Read 2563 times)

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prepare a car for researches tours .. plz help me
« on: November 21, 2008, 07:35:06 AM »
hello there
i hope u all fine  :)

well, i'm going to buy a car and i want it designed for my researches tours. i really don't have any idea for this and i need your help (as u can) .  :)

the required features of the car :
- feasible & strong body.
- ( jeeb ) & resist the high temprature ( because i'm in the GCC ).

& the fields of my researchs are ( Bioligecal , envirochemical and astronomy )
so the car should be equipped with some instruments . is there any body advice me to choose the proper instruments & equipment to my car ??

note :
i'm just a student, so i don't have any sponser for this car.. thus, i have only about 10000$ for the equipment & about 30000$ for the car.

if there any quotation tell me plz.

the important thing i want to know is: from where i should buy?
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