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« on: November 26, 2008, 06:44:55 PM »
Ok, so I was watching some YouTube videos, and it was a version of a Tom Lehrer song. Anyway, it was about how when he made it, in this country (the United States) was when they were transitioning from the old method of teaching subtraction to school children to the new method (the one we currently use).
After doing some research, I found that the old method is called the Austrian Method .
So I tried it out. I must say, I think it is much better. Much neater on the paper, and faster too due to less writing and such.

Some things I read on the internet say the "Austrian method" is still the method taught in Europe? Can anybody verify this?

Anybody have any clue why we switched? They are both really the same thing, it is just notation; but I think the old way we left was much easier?

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