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Topic: Setup for stemdestillation of plant materials  (Read 3510 times)

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Setup for stemdestillation of plant materials
« on: April 28, 2005, 04:46:43 AM »

As a mean to keep up with my old studies in pharmacognosy, and just to have some fun , I intend to extract some volatiles from herbs.
However I´m having problem finding the right glasware for a good setup.
The setup should be be a water-steamdestillation one. The fresh herb material should be easy to load/unload (so the normal round bottom flask wont work).
Also I dont want the fresh herbmaterial to be suspended in water but rather the steam to pass trough it.
Since this is such an old techniuqe one would think that there should be a good setup out on the net somewhere but so far i havn´t been able to find one:/

My setup so far can be seen in the attached picture (yes it got flaws:)

All help and suggestions will be welcomed!



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Re:Setup for stemdestillation of plant materials
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2005, 08:36:05 PM »
Hi Marty,
Im interested in your setup, as i want to do a similar thing with eucalypt trees.
I would imagine the hardest part to find would be the main vessel, yours looks like a ground glass top, which would be nice if you could find one (that doesnt cost thousands).
I'm probably going to make mine out of copper, i think this would work for the column and condenser as well, with a bit of work, soldering and cutting.

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