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Search requests that turn up Jdurg articles


We seem to get a bit of traffic from people searching for various things on the internet. Theres always some traffic that comes up because of the content in Jdurg's articles. I'll be posting the links to the searches that were conducted from time to time that turned up a Jdurg article here.

Well that's nice knowing that my articles are bringing in some traffic.  They seem to be turning out better than I had thought.  Over time, they will undoubtedly improve as well.  This week I'll be without an article since I am deathly ill with a horrific sinus infection, and my girlfriend has kind of been tying up all my free time lately.  (Not that I can complain about that.   ;))  I'm also still not sure what my next article will be about.  My collection is now 99% complete as I only need pure fluorine to have all stable elements.  I've even been able to go and get all allotropes of phosphorus and the graphite and diamond allotropes of carbon.  I'm just trying to decide if I want to write an article on my noble gasses, or if I want to go and just concentrate on my phosphorus.  Heck, I could even go ahead and do the halogens as I'm only missing fluorine and I don't see myself getting it for quite a long time.  Once I'm feeling better and I'm not woozy from the meds, I'll make a decision and have it uploaded in a few weeks.  


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