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No element 120
« on: February 19, 2009, 12:50:55 AM »
A recent paper (Physical Review C 79 024603) reports the failure of JINR(Dubna)'s attempt to make element 120 using the 244Pu + 58Fe reaction. This is not at all surprising since this reaction was expected to have a small cross section. 248Cm(of course, 250Cm should be even better) + 54Cr seems to be a more promising possibility. 252Cf + 50Ti should also be a good candidate.
Another paper (PRC 79 024608) reports the failure by the same lab to produce hassium using the 136Xe + 136Xe reaction. This is an interesting variant of the cold fusion approach - instead of using a random projectile on a doubly magic target it used a singly magic projectile on a singly magic target which should have an equivalent stabilization advantage. It appears that fusion is strongly hindered as the size of the projectile relative to the target increases.
In both cases the cross section limits are not very strict (roughly 1 & 4 pb respectively).

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