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Topic: 2nd BaltChem Conference, Warsaw, 2-5 April 2009  (Read 2893 times)

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2nd BaltChem Conference, Warsaw, 2-5 April 2009
« on: February 22, 2009, 08:08:44 PM »
Dear Friends!! :)

In April 2008 in Warsaw - the capital of Poland and the heart of
Central Europe - about sixty researchers including undergraduates, PhD
students and Professors from Baltic region gathered together to share
their passion. For three days we were enjoying seminars, lectures,
poster sessions, distinguished international audience of young and
motivated people, never-sleeping Warsaw and endless discussions. If
you were there, you know what we are talking about, if not - you'll
get a second chance :)
Success of the first edition brought us to the continuation of that event.
Having heard opinions from several participants after the Conference,
who provided us with very positive feedback and a demand for more, we
have made some preliminary arrangements and are about to launch next
edition. We are hereby pleased to announce, that there will be

2nd BaltChem Conference!!!   :o


Coming forward to any question that you might have right now we
prepared a brief FAQ:
Q: Where and when?
A: In the same place, awe-inspiring Warsaw, in the beginning of April.
Q: Will it last throughout the weekend, as in previous year?
A: To be able to get together for a little bit longer and extend the
scope of social and scientific program we've decided to make this
edition four-day-long.
Q: What about the program? Is there anything new coming?
A: We plan to increase number of seminars and poster sessions, as well
as group them into blocks of related topics. We are also planning to
launch an industrial presentation session, where students will be able
to learn more about the possibilities of career in chemical industry.
Q: Any interesting people coming this year?
A: Of course! This year we are planning to bring together at least one
hundred of us, as well as invite more Keynote speakers from various
fields to please everyone.
Q: Pleasing everyone sounds interesting... So what about the social programme?
A: This year we'll take you for a trip around the most interesting
places in Warsaw, we'll have more pub crawls and of course there will
be social banquet during the conference.
Q: What about technical stuff and conference fee?
A: You just come to our website www.baltchem.eu and register. There
will be a basic conference fee covering conference materials, meals
and social program. We'll also provide you with a special offer of
Q: Anything special this year?
A: YES!!! We are preparing a surprise for everyone, come to find out :)

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