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Topic: Question about Heat of reaction  (Read 4834 times)

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Question about Heat of reaction
« on: April 04, 2009, 08:03:16 PM »
please teach me about chemistry.
It is about heat and mol.

1.100ml of 0.50M Hcl+2g NaOH
 -How to solve "Mol NaOh consumed" ,"Total Heat released",and "Heat released per mol NaOH"?

2.50ml of 1M HCl+50ml 1M NaOH
 -How to write "Mass of reaction Mixture"? is it 50ml,or 0.5L or 50g?
 -How to solve "Total Heat Released","Mol NaOH consumed" and "Heat Released per Mol NaOH"?

I am sorry to ask easy questions,,,but it is hard for me because I'm really not good at study,,,

please help me! thanks

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