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Need help with an "equilibrium constant" lab report

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"mol FeNCS2+ (equilibrium) = mol Fe3+ (reacted) --(because of the 1:1 ratio)"

This is correct.  Now, to figure out how much Fe+3 reacted, you use X.  Your X value is the amount that reacted.  The rest of your calculations seem in order from what you posted.  Good luck!

okay, one last question (I promise!)

Since you said that .17 was too large a value in the beginning since you thought it was moles... is it still too big if its .17M?

Unless you're evaporating a lot of the solution down, it's way too big.  If you start with .5 mols of each reactant and they react in a 1:1 ratio, how can you get 20 mols back?  In your case, you've got two concentrations that are abysmally small and you're getting something back that is nearly 4 orders of magnitude that size.


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