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Topic: How to make a buffer solution of 150mM NaCl, 10mM CaCl2 and 25mM Tris?  (Read 9973 times)

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I have done some calculation for the above question and am not sure whether am on the right track, need your help.

1. My final volume of the buffer must be 15ml
2. I prepared 5ml of 150mM Nacl (0.044g NaCl in 5ml), 5ml of 10mM CaCl2 (0.005g CaCl2 in 5ml) and 5ml of 25mM Tris (0.015g in 5ml) separately
3. Now if I transfer these three solutions to one bottle, will I get my final 15ml of buffer solution?

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This is not a buffer yet. Buffer should contain  TRIS base and TRIS.HCl.
Your solutions after mixing wil show 1/3 of needed concentrations.

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