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Forum Rules: Read This Before Posting

Topic: Forum Rules: Read This Before Posting  (Read 168191 times)

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Forum Rules: Read This Before Posting
« on: May 25, 2009, 03:17:55 PM »
Rules and Policy: To Topic Starters

Black Violations:A single violation will result in a ban.

0. Discussions on illicit drug synthesis are strictly forbidden as well as discussions on synthesizing explosives. Although intellectual discussions on the chemical physical properties of such explosives and drugs are allowed. Violators will have their topic deleted and banned.

Red Violations: A few violations will result in a ban.

1. Topics should be in the form of a question.  Having a topic called "help me please" is not constructive for future board members to see the topics we've already covered.

2. Please don't list 100 homework questions and then say you need help immediately. It is your own responsibility to start your homework early.  If you do have a lot of questions, put them in one post but don't expect them to all be answered at once. Violators will have their multiple posts deleted and subject to banning.

3. In addition to rule 2, questions should only be posted once and in the appropriate forum. Cross-posting in multiple forums just confuses the discussion of the topic and adds unnecessary clutter.  If the moderators find a post that fits more appropriately in another forum, they will move it to the appropriate board.  Violators will have redundant posts deleted and repeated offences may result in a ban.

4. Please show that you've at least attempted the problem. We don't mind helping you solve problems but we are ethically opposed to doing homework for you. Violators will have their topic deleted or locked, and subject to banning.

5. If you are new to chatting on the internet you should become familiar with Netetiquette. Even if you are an old hand at this internet thing you should review Netiquette 101. Netiquette 101 can be found at:
Some examples of bad netiquette are using CAPS for any reason, not spell checking your posts before posting, and the use of "U" and "r" for "You" and "are". Violators will have their topic deleted or locked, and subject to banning.

6. Official language of the ChemicalForums is English.

Yellow Violations: These are more forgivable, but will result in continued reminders to read this topic.

7. Saying something like, "I don't get kinetics can you explain it to me" or "My teacher sucks, can you explain quantum mechanics" will get you negative responses on this forum. It's not that we don't want to help you; it’s that your question is too broad. You need to have very concise questions about kinetics or quantum mechanics in order for us to help you.;

8. Please do a Search before posting a new topic. There is no need to take double the space on our servers hosting a topic that has already been discussed previously.

9. Asked on forums, answered on forums, that's how internet communities work. Private mail is not for asking for help. Also, please don't post your email addresses - if someone want's to discuss something with you in private, it can be easily done through PM.

10. Please don't post scanned question sheets and/or answers. In some cases that's a good idea (organic mechanism) but in most cases it just means you are too lazy to write a normal post explaining where you have faced a problem. If you are too lazy to write, we are too lazy to read.

11. Copyright infringement is illegal. Please don't help in the illegal distribution of copyrighted books, papers and other materials, and don't ask others to do the same or to give you links to such material. Small quotes from papers are OK, as long as you provide link to the original source.

Notes: Moderators may amend these policies in their respective forums.

Rules and Policy: To Replyers

Chemical Forums members subscribe to the Socratic Method of learning; where by students can ask a question and learn the answer for themselves from the gentle prodding and questioning by forum staff and regulars. Don't give the final answers, let students solve questions on their own. If you will be answering student questions please follow the Socratic Method too. This isn't rigorously enforced and not all answers have to be in the form of a question, but all answers should be within the spirit of the Socratic Model.

Advertising: There are 3 options

1. Free advertising exists for any member. Simply posts any relevant links in the Free Chemistry Advertising Forum. Do not post long lists of chemicals, as these will be deleted.

2. You can sign up for Google's Adwords program and advertise on Chemical Forums through that program. For more details see: <a href="https://adwords.google.com/select/Login">Google's Adwords</a>

3. Send me an email and I can quote you the going rates for the 120x600 ad in the left corner of the website or text links. Send me an email at with "Advertisement" in the subject field.

General FAQ Stuff.

1. How to properly format your posts using LaTeX and UBBC code: http://www.chemicalforums.com/index.php?topic=59314.0

2. We don't delete posts nor accounts per user requests.

3. If you hate the Google custom search engine, then click the "SEARCH" tab in the header menu. It uses a MySQL search and might yield better results.

4. If you hate seeing the Google advertisements on the forum, then reach 100 posts. Ads do not appear for members that have reached that post count. Or use an adblocker, but ads are how I pay for this website. I'm not an evil corporation just a chemistry student probably like you.
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