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The last few weeks I have been busy with a web-site on science and in fact that site still is under construction, but the chemistry part of that site already has been completed for quite some part. I think there will be interesting things on the site for many of you:

- experiments (some with pictures, hundreds without pictures)
- how to set up a home lab
- what kind of chemicals to start with
- gallery of common (and some less common) compounds
- a chemical equation solver
- a lot of other nice things

The URL is


You also have the possibility to add your own experiments in a standardized way and I hope that if there are any people out there, with interesing experiments they want to share, that they are willing to enter descriptions on the site. An experiment is available for everyone, immediately after it has been finalized.

Have fun,


Here's a Wired page with video links to fun chemistry videos.  The topics themselves have often come up here on these forums -- thermite, glow sticks, sodium acetate crystal growing, and others.


Andy Simon:
great! Thanks for your efford. I'm just about to learn again about chemistry (well, I learned it in school, but I nearly forgot all of it, since I never used it afterwards).
What motivates me to learn is to find out how the most basic things could be produced by "anyone".
Until now I haven't saw a webpage that tries to make this knowledge easy accesable. (well there are some permaculture alike pages, but they mostly miss to explain the chemistry behind)

just wanted to give this as some thought food

site doesnt work

I am not sure what happened to the link on the first post to this thread, but here is another link that you might like by @woelen.


I am still researching the wired pages


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