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Topic: Making a flower glow!  (Read 6570 times)

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Making a flower glow!
« on: August 14, 2009, 05:46:02 PM »
Hey guys, I'm new here. I've looked around online for solutions to my problem but I haven't found anything on various do-it-yourself websites, wikis, search engines, and so on.

Basically, I saw this video on metacafe, demonstrating a simple procedure involving dissolving match heads in alcohol, injecting it into a flower, followed by injecting the flower with hydrogen peroxide. The result is a glowing flower! Naturally I wanted to try this out.
In case anyone wanted to see the video I'm talking about :

Now I've been trying a few different things over the course of the last few days, and I'm getting skeptical as to the validity of this video. I've tried standard matches, and strike anywhere matches (the chemical composition of the compound on the tip is slightly different). The video shows the compound on the matches dissolving in "alcohol". I don't have any pure ethanol, so I tried with some Everclear (95% alcohol) and isopropyl alcohol. Neither of these substances dissolved either of match types. I've added Hydrogen peroxide to the undissolved mixture to see if it would get any results, but nothing happened (however this might be due to the fact my hydrogen peroxide expired in 1993, i'll be picking up a new bottle from the drugstore!). Can anyone help me out with what might be going wrong, or whether this is even possible? Thanks in advance!

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