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Topic: Should I stick with Biochemistry or Chemical Engineering? Please Answer!  (Read 6823 times)

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I'm currently a biochemistry sophomore (BSc) at St. Louis University who has become interested in Chemical Engineering. My university doesn't offer a BSc in Chemical Engineering. Instead, they have a dual degree program. I spend 3 years at SLU getting my BA in Chemistry and then go 2 years to Washington University in St. Louis to get my BSc in Chemical Engineering. So, that's two degrees in 5 years.

Someone told me to do this. And someone else told me that Dual Degrees are useless and not to bother. I'm am so lost.

What would you do? Do you have any advice to share? How would this affect my job opportunities? I don't see how it would hurt it. (?)

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So, that's two degrees in 5 years.

Sounds pretty good to me, can't see how having a diverse chemistry background can hurt.

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