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What kind of questions should I be asking my councelor?

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hey admin..nice site...came acroos it  jysy a few ins back..
Why si that there is no business angle to the whole discussion....is there one...am new to this forum....
Like we can disucc the recent business rleated happenings like Mergers acquistions. Take overs...recent Strategic Conferences...Price strategies..even in thsi forum..
Wud like to see some active members for this...
As of me..Iam a Chemcial Engr from a reputed univeristy in INDIA...and doing my MBA from a Top Business School in the country...
Take Care...Hope to see some reposnse to it..
siva Ram


--- Quote from: Benzene265 on June 18, 2005, 08:20:07 PM ---Is your counselor a chemical engineer?  Does he teach at all?  Would he know that Calc 3 is not a corequisite of Pchem?   The courses you absoluetly have to take for your major are outlined in the really thick course catalog.  A good counselor will know what order you need to take them in (or, he'll at least read through the catalog before the meeting).  Outside of that are core courses (if your school prefers well-rounded students) and electives.  The electives are the fun part because these are what makes your school experience unique.  If your counselor is any good, he'll steer you towards electives that compliment your major and your interests.

I can't be biased against engineers, there's too many of them in my family.

--- End quote ---

NOT BIAS..BIAS ON SEX... HOW od u kno that the Counseler isnt a WOMAN..???


--- Quote from: JZ_1 on August 14, 2005, 02:32:13 AM ---NOT BIAS..BIAS ON SEX... HOW od u kno that the Counseler isnt a WOMAN..???

--- End quote ---

The pronoun game is lame, however not as lame as poor spelling and grammar.  ::)

Donaldson Tan:
I was taught that the default pronoun to use for a person is he in cases whereby the sex of ther person is not established. It is just a rule of the English language. It is hardly sexist at all.


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