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Topic: Karl Fisher titration of compound insoluble in ROH, ROH/DMSO or ROH/formamide mx  (Read 4941 times)

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Hello everybody,

May I ask anybody skilled in Karl Fisher titration how to determine water content (presumably 0.1 - 3%) in organic compound, which is insoluble either in methanol (ethanol) or in DMSO/methanol mixture. Moreover, addition of formamide failed in solubilizing the compound in methanol.

Is there commercially available alternative to alcohol based titration systems?

Thanks in advance for any comment.


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I suggest discussing your problem with the technical representative from one of the Karl Fisher (KF) companies.

One other approach is to add the organics directly to the KF solution.  I've done this with fine organic powders.  You want to make sure the solution is magnetically stirred, to maximize contact with the solution.  And the titration is slower.  Not the best approach, but maybe as a last resort.

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