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it did change. they have the verbal/quant on a 1600 scale. and an analytical writing section from a scale of 1-6. I left that part out, but i did fine on that section. you can also take it on computers, which was bizarre, and you get your score right then and there.

I hated the computer based test.  It gives me a headache to look at a computer screen for too long.  Strange, considering that I'm doing just that now...

There's a lot of fantastic advice in this thread.  If you get good recs, you'll be in.  Being an undergrad TA is a tremendous asset to getting into grad school.  Almost everyone here in the synthetic dept at Berkeley had undergrad TA experience.

I took the GRE about 2 weeks before they changed it because I was much better at the logic problems than at analytical writing.

You know how they have that section where you do some problems that they are testing out for future use?  I got one of the analytical writing questions.  I had no idea how to handle it because I hadn't studied for it at all.  I ended up just skipping it.  Good times.

I liked getting my scores right away.  I always hated wating for them to come in the mail, although I got really nervous about how they say on the computer screen that the scores they show you aren't official and you have to wait for them to send you the letter to be sure.

Since everyone seriously have been so helpful, I have another question. I'm not really worried about the letters of recommendation since my p chem professor told me without even asking him he is going to write one. And three others I have asked and they said of course. I am worried, about the research "experience". Now, i am signed up for undergrad research all next year, Im doing a thesis with my advisor. But, I have nothing published. Ive been doing a little research online about grad school in chemistry, and some sites have been saying that publishing a paper is the most important thing on your resume. Now, I didn't even know this to begin with. And 2, its a little late in the game to get anything published next year before I apply. Is having something published really this essential? Or, If i state Im currently doing research and get a letter of rec from my advisor, that this would be enough.

If you're doing research and writing a thesis on it, you'll be fine.  Most undergrads don't get a paper published while they're in undergrad, even if they did publishable work because of the time it takes to publish.  You would be in trouble if you didn't do any research, but since you're doing some and writing a thesis, you'll be fine.


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