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Agreed.  If you do happen to get something published while you are an undergrad, then that is a huge plus.  However, professors know that this is a rare occurence.  As I mentioned in another thread, my undergrad work didn't get published until this year, and I'm heading into my third year of grad school.

I am also looking to go to grad school soon.  I am starting my senior year of undergrad in the fall but because of the order I have to take some classes in, I will have to take another year to finish.  I figure that this will give me 2 school years and one summer to do research and what I hear from my advisor is thats a lot more than most undergrads do.  I hope this will help make up for my low gpa (exactly 3.0 right now) but I still have to take pchem so I don’t expect it to go up much.  I was thinking that all my research will look good and allow me to get to know some profs that could write recommendations.  Right now Im not too concerned with where I go but if I will have the grades to go to gradschool.

I have a question about the whole different school for gradschool idea.  Right now I go to one of U of Minn’s smaller state school and I planned on going to the main campus for gradschool.  Does that still count as being the same school?

I know that some grad schools have a minimum GPA requirement, but I don't think it'd be an issue.  Might be worth checking on though.  I think that most chemistry programs will look at your GPA in your major as well.  I don't think it would be as big a problem if you were going to a different campus.  Certainly in the UC system there is no problem (ask Mitch!).  There are some great professors at the Twin Cities campus too.

Yeah, the 'same school' thing means just that--the exact same school.  If you go to a state school then to another in the same system, that's fine.  It's when you go to Minn state at town A and stay there for grad school that's a problem.


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