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Topic: base strength  (Read 16282 times)

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Mr. Phlogiston

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base strength
« on: July 20, 2005, 10:06:53 PM »
As far as reducing agent strength goes, the pattern is linear: K>Na>Li
But hydroxide base strength shows the following pattern: NaOH>LiOH>KOH
Their relative pkb are as follows:
NaOH, pKb=0.2
LiOH, pKb=0.36
KOH, pKb=0.5
higher the pKb, weaker the base.  I can't figure out a qualitative explanation as to why these base strengths vary in this way.  And I can't relate it to a quantitative reason either.

Another issue correlates to this.  KOH is way more soluble in EtOH than NaOH.  But is NaOH still a stronger base?  Does solvent matter that much?

If anyone really thinks they're sure of a reason it would be a great help.

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