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Labs, anyone got good CBL or such ones?

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I am a teacher at a high school in maryland.  I am looking for some good possibly computer oriented labs or calculator based activities with gas laws, ph, or kinetics.  Can anyone help me?  I tried searching for CBL's and such and didn't get much.

Thanks ahead of time

Donaldson Tan:

When I took chemistry in high school I wrote a calculator program to solve all the gas law stuff.  That might be an interesting activity.  The best part about it was that my chemistry teacher let me use it on the exams since I had written it myself.  I don't think I have the program anymore, but it wouldn't be too hard to write again.

Geo already posted address of my website (I was reluctant to do so, as BATE - which can be used for such a lab - is a commercial product).

However, take a look at


 - small (and free) program that simulates diffusion (it is based on idea published back in eighties in Journal of Chemical Education). The faster the computer - the better (although 600MHz will be enough if you are patient).

I think you can use it for an interesting lab - finding dependence between time needed to end the simulation and the window height (while diffusion model is very simplified, results are in accordance with theoretical predictions). Window height plays a role of solution thickness here (to speed up the simulation make the window high, but narrow). End of the simulation is the moment when the anode and cathode are connected by the dendrites (*%^*%^, how to name this moment in English?)

Edit: ops, sorry - diffusion is not a gas laws, pH nor kinetics :(

diffusion is great!  MAybe not a "Law" but heck, it is something i touch on because students need to know them.  Actually it is a law, grahm's law of diffusion.  Close enough.  Thanks for the links!



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