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« on: March 09, 2010, 02:44:02 PM »

I graduated in chemistry/physics field in 2004 :-X and till now i didn't find any work in my field , i lived in men community i mean that most of jobs in my filed is fulled by men and a little jobs for women but to win this job it supposed from me to have Relative or friend work in this co;board=24.0mpany to be as a catalyst for me and i don't have , along this years  i worked in very different field than my majority because this is the life and i have to work till i find what i'm looking for ..but the years go and go and i didn't find but I'm still optimistic i will find that one day  :)  " after this long story " my inquire is " how can i let my information updated always ? how can i prevent that forget what i study ? chemistry field is very wide what that type of books i suppose to read it ..I'm hesitate which filed i have to read " analytical,organic,inorganic,instrumental & environment,nuclear ..etc? although chemistry is practically is not theoretical but that what at least i have to do it.

Sorry if my language was week  :-\ be kind with me and don't care a lot of grammar look at the content  :-*

Thank You!!  

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