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Topic: Need advice on transfer...  (Read 5322 times)

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Need advice on transfer...
« on: December 03, 2005, 12:52:29 AM »
There are many knowlegeable people here that have already gone through what I'm about to (or something similar).  So, here is my delima:  I'm going to transfer out from my JC at the end of the spring semmester.  Eventually, I want to major in biochemistry but can't decide if I should get my BS in biochem or not.  My advisor, who has his PhD in Biochemistry, said it would be best if I just went for my BS in just chemistry.  But, if I decide to do my BS in biochemistry, I can do a dual degree program and do a dual degree program in biochem and molecular biology and finish them both in about 2 years.  But, its not ACS certified....whicih brings me to my next point.  How important is an ACS certification?

So, if I do decide to get a BS in chemistry and should go to an ACS certified program, how important is prestige?  I mean, its obviously important but if I'm going to grad school afterwards, does it really matter where my BS comes from?  Also, I have a chance to go to a school that has a Nobel Laureate on staff (a fairly prestigious school with an ACS certification)....should that play in role in my consideration?

Well, I know that is a lot of crap to read but I appreciate any help.

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