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This is not a joke


Now dont get Crazy after reading this.The fact i am telling reflects the Hollowness of stinking indian education system.

My chemistry Coach once went to a seminar.There was a person explaining something about adenine,guanine thiamine etc in biochemistry.[i dont know what exactly was that].Now that person who was explaining was considered a well known professor of chemistry in that state at that time.He had assisted 19 students to attain their Phd degree.

As he was giving a lecture a person asked to explain H bonding in one structure.Now this is what he showed....

       H....H,as H bonding.Now the person even dont know difference between vanderwal forces and H bonding.
Interestingly no one dared argue on it.But some 10 min. later another person asked the same question and he again showed H.....H vandewal force as H bonding.

At that point my Coach stood up and told him about the concept of H bonding.

I am speechless on our indian society so you better conlude the rest.

Donaldson Tan:
i believe the chemistry talk was related to DNA base pairing. which element of incident that you find it demonstrate the hollowness of the education system?

1. the professor can't explain h-bonding properly
2. nobody dares to rectify him
3. why are there people who don't understand H-bonding attending the seminar?

well obviously he took it literally, hydrogen-"bonding" H--H...get it?  You shoudn't be so quick to condemn someone.

well i knew it will be difficult believing it.But ite true.

And geodome every one in the seminar knew the blunder that professor was showing but as i said they dint dare to argue with him.He was a reputed professor of that time.

I understand its difficult to believe in this but i can tell you more similar incidence that occured with me.May be someday when i have spare time i will post about them.

Donaldson Tan:
i like to point out my lecturer's mistake during lecture (if i could). it was an enjoyable experience. it was during my biochemistry lecture. the lecturer was trying to explain how 1 carbon from 1 glucose molecule is consumed during kreb cycle, when in fact it was all 6 carbon.


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