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Topic: First neutrons rilevated and counted  (Read 4959 times)

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First neutrons rilevated and counted
« on: May 15, 2010, 03:30:29 AM »
HI, i'd like to share my first neutron experiment.
I have made a neutron source from bombarding with alpha a thin Beryllium foil.

here the source (very rude):

The probe i used is a neutron probe i have made from an old neutron tube from russia (SH-42) cabled to be used with a normal Ludlum mod.3 insert in a paraffin (2,5cm) tube sealed inside a plexytube.

here is the apparatus:

the flow was more or less a neutron evry 10-15 seconds, to prove that the geiger detects what i was looking for, i tried to take off the source and the counting stopped, i also tried to put under the probe only the Am source but no count was found.

The flow is very low due to the redicoulus activity of the source (1uCi of Am241) and proably due to the tube that has a sensibility of the 60% of the thermal neutrons.

as soon as possible i will try to improve the flux, and post more data.


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