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Topic: Good stain for brominated product? general experience with brominated product?  (Read 5273 times)

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Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you guys could suggest good stain for brominated product.  I am running alpha bromination and unfortunately the Rf for my starting and product is pretty identical in various solvent systems I've tried.  So far I've only used vanilin, UV, and magic stain but none seems work good.

Any advice regarding stain or even general experience with brominated product would be truly appreciated.  TIA.

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Structures may be helpful in this case.  Could you provide information about the solvent systems you've tried?  And what specifically are you looking to gain from staining if the spots do not separate?  Maybe just more of an idea what problem you are trying to answer/resolve.

I've attached a word document, my professor circulated to our group about TLC stains as well.

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I don't know of any that are specific but I do know that alpha-halo carbonyls are often tough to seperate by TLC.  You might have luck with p-anisealdehyde as it will stain different functional groups different colors so that might give you a chance, but I doubt it.

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