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Topic: IChemE Sustainability Metrics  (Read 4714 times)

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IChemE Sustainability Metrics
« on: April 13, 2012, 05:23:43 AM »
As part of a class assignment I have to fill out a Sustainable Development Progress Metrics for a company and I'm currently working on Appendix B. I'm on the first section which is the Aquatic Acidification and all I have in this section is 0.013 tonnes of Hydrochloric Acid and when this is multiplied by the Potency Factor of HCl (0.027) an answer of 0.000351 for the EB value is produced.

>>> The next part of the section where a kind of standard Potency Factor has to be calculated is what is causing the problem. This is what it says underneath the Aquatic Acidification Table>>>

The potency factor is the mass of hydrogen ion released by unit mass of acid i.e. the number of hydrogen ions released
divided by the molecular weight. The unit of Environmental Burden is te/y of H+ ions released.
The calculation of the H+ ion is the preferred method of deriving the potency factor in this category, however measured
pH values may also be used.

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