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molar mass, Ionic and Net Ionic equation, and sodium benzoate


 ???-How would you prepare 1500 mL of a 0.156 M solution  of MgCl2 in H2O?                       [molar mass MgCl2 = 95.22 g/mol]

Amount  of  MgCl2 needed:
Amount of H2O needed:

 ???-Write complete ionic and net ionic equation and identify the driving force for the reaction, if a reaction will occur.
Ag (C2H3O2) (aq) + H CI (aq)---> AgCI (s) + HC2H3O2 (aq)

-Soda pop may contain 0,5% by mass sodium benzoate as a preservative.  What approximate mass of sodium benzoate is contained in 1.00L of soda pop?
     (I know that the molar mass of sodium benzoate equals 144.11 g/mol) (C6H5CO2Na) ???

Amount  of  MgCl2 needed: 1.5x0.156x95.22
Amount of H2O needed:
up to volume 1.5 L

Ag +(aq) + C2H3O2-(aq) + H +(aq) + CI- (aq)---> AgCI (s) + HC2H3O2 (aq)



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