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Topic: Ask a Nobel Laureate - Harry Kroto  (Read 4210 times)

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Ask a Nobel Laureate - Harry Kroto
« on: August 18, 2010, 06:23:03 AM »

I work for the Nobel Prize website and we are running a new program that might be of interest to some of your readers on Chemical Forums - Ask a Nobel Laureate.


Its all pretty self explanatory but the basis is that Prof Harry Kroto (one of the discovers of the C60) is going to be answering questions from people all round the world. We're trying to encourage people to submit video questions but there is the option to do text questions too using the Google Moderator interface. I should say that we will try and give some priority in answering questions from people who have made the extra effort of doing a little video, but we'll do our best to persuade Prof Kroto to answer all of them.

I didn't want to be rude and post this on your forums without your permission but I would be very grateful if you could put something in there for us - its aimed at a totally general audience but I'm guessing it will have most interest for High School level and upwards.

This session runs until the 4th Sept this year so I hope there is some interest.

If you or any or your users have any questions on how it all works I will try and keep an eye on PM's and the thread if you let me know where it ends up. Otherwise I will look forward to seeing some question on youtube! I have also attached a little extra info about C60 if anyone is interested. Otherwise I can be contacted on nicholas "dot" kennedy "at" nobel "dot" se
Thanks for any help in spreading the word,


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