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Random examples of chemistry questions


1. a graph of the pH of a solution of a strong acid as strong as a base is added until the solution is made basic
2. a sample of material which completes the following equation: Na2CO3 + 2HCI--> 2NaCl + ____ +CO2
3. a sample of a substance containig dimethyl ketone
4.a sample of a substance containing magnesium silicate
5.a sample of food that contains the saturated fatty acid, butyric acid
6. a sample of an alchol other than ethanol
7.a sample of an alkaloid ???
8.a sample of a food additive and its purpose

I'm not sure if this is a typo or just miss reading the sheet, but i think that HCI should be HCl hyrodgen chloride/hydrochloric acid.
If you go to a search engine and type in those other ones you should be able to get what you need.  If not there, then this site should give you some answers:

8. EDTA-- food perservative

3. Dimethyl ketone is acetone.  Therefore, fingernail polish remover would work.

4. I think Celite has magnesium silicate.  Could be wrong.

5. Butter.  Butyric acid is the chemical that gives rancid butter its smell.

6. Wood alcohol: methanol.  Obtained by destructive distillation of wood.

2.  Water
7.  Apple seeds.  They contain Amygdalin which is a very poisonous alkaloid.


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