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Topic: Which of the following general chemistry topics are the most useful? list inside  (Read 2776 times)

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I took general chemistry 5 years ago. Since then i was in a horrible accident and this is my first semester i am capable of going back. I would like someone to tell me which of these chapters would be most beneficial to study as a refresher and also that will be used in later classes. I plan on taking inorganic, organic, analytical, physical, as i am a chemistry major. here is the list, feel free to list only one chapter as important or all twenty two based on what will be used later on in my chemistry classes, thanks!

Chapter # from my general chemistry book:
1 matter and measurements
2) atoms, molecules, ions
3) mass relations in chemistry; stoichiometry
4) reactions in aqueous solution
5) gases
6) electronic structure and periodic table
7) covalent boding
8) thermochemistry
9) liquids and solids
10) solutions
11) rate and reaction
12) gaseous chemical equilibrium
13) acids and bases
14) equilibria in acid-base solutions
15) complex ions
16) precipitation equilibria
17) spontaneity of reaction
18) electrochemistry
19) nuclear reactions
20) chemistry of metals
21) chemistry of nonmetals
22) organic chemistry

thanks to everyone who takes time out to answer this. i know that all 22 chapters would be ideal, however as the school year has already started it is hard to study all 22. so i would like to know the most important ones to refresh over. thanks again!

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