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Topic: Help calculating mass of Zinc in an alloy by how much H2 it produces with HCL  (Read 8662 times)

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The question asks to calculate the percent (does not specify whether it wants % by mass or % by moles which i find ambiguous) of Zinc in a Zinc-Copper alloy with mass 6.1g, when reacting with excess HCL. The volume of Hydrogen gas produced is 1.26mL at 22C and pressure 728mmHg.

I have a rough idea of the answer, but seems like a very very small percent to be a real alloy, so it's making me question it.

I would firstly go about calculating the moles of H2 produced using Pv=nRT, which i get to be roughly 5x10-5 moles which makes sense. ???

Secondly I would say that 1 mole of Zinc reacts to make one mole of H2 gas

Zn + 2HCL ----->ZnCl2 + H2

so moles of Zinc reacted = roughly 5 x10-5

I would then use mass = moles x MM to get the mass of Zinc as 3.26x10-3g, which is obvously going to be a very small percentage of Zinc in a 6.1g alloy sample!

Am i doing something stupid or is this just a very low % Zinc alloy?!

Thank you for any help guys...


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You can be sure it asks for mass % w/w.

3.26e-3g Zn is correct for a given data. Low, but correct.
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Thank you very much

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